Traders Auto Insurance

Are you looking for affordable auto insurance with a low-down-payment? Traders Auto Insurance offers exactly what you have been searching for.

Whether you are looking to swap from your current insurance company or are planning to purchase a new vehicle, Traders $20 down payment auto insurance allows you to get the coverage you need to get your car on the road. Best of all, your wallet won’t take a huge hit.

traders auto insurance

What Type of Auto Insurance do You Need?

The company offers three types of coverage, including liability, collision, and comprehensive. Here’s a brief explanation of each type, including what it covers and who is eligible.

  • Liability

Liability coverage provides the minimum amount of protection you need, by law, to legally operate your vehicle on the roads. Limited is the keyword, as this policy only covers bodily injury and property damage claims to the OTHER property or vehicle and its driver and passengers if you are in an accident that is determined to be YOUR fault. You will be responsible for paying for you, and your passengers, injury-related expenses, and the damages to your car.

Unfortunately, if you are involved in a serious accident, the number of property damages may exceed your liability coverage. In this case, you will be expected to pay the difference, which could be a significant amount, leaving you in financial ruins.

In Kansas, the minimum liability coverage is $25,000/ person for bodily injury, $50,000/ accident for bodily injury, and $25,000/ accident for property damage. If the damages to other vehicle and its driver and passengers is more than this, you’re responsible for the balance. This could have devastating financial consequences for you.

Fortunately, Traders Insurance in Wichita KS offers affordable rates that will allow you to buy more than the state minimum requirement, offering you more financial protection. It’s important to understand that you must have paid your vehicle off in full before you are eligible for liability coverage only.

  • Collision

Unlike liability insurance, collision coverage will help pay for damages to your vehicle if it is involved in an accident with another vehicle or object, such as a tree, or is in a single-car accident that involves falling or rolling over. However, before your coverage helps pay your claim, you will have to pay a deductible. The higher the deductible you choose, the lower your premium will be. Just remember, if you are in an accident, you will have to be able to pay this amount.

It’s important to understand that collision coverage does not help pay for your medical bills and is usually not an option if you are leasing a car or still paying a lender.

  • Comprehensive

Definitely the highest tier, comprehensive coverage pays for almost all damages that may occur to your car. Typically, these accidents are outside of your control. This includes damages if you are in an accident with an animal or damages incurred from catastrophic events, such as fire or flood. Comprehensive coverage also includes theft protection, acts of vandalism, and windshield/ glass damage. Just like collision insurance, comprehensive will not help pay your (or your passengers) medical bills.

If you are still paying on your vehicle, the lender is almost certain to require that you maintain comprehensive coverage on it until it has been paid off.

Are You Eligible for Discounts?

At Traders Auto Insurance, we believe you should be rewarded for certain things. We reward you by giving you a discount on your insurance premium. Here’s just a few of the discounts we currently over our customers.

  • Safe driver discount for drivers with no tickets or accidents you were determined to be at fault for over a certain period of time
  • Good student discount for students that maintain a B or higher GPA
  • Active and veteran members of the military discount
  • Senior citizen discounts for drivers over 55 years of age or older
  • Multi-car discounts if you ensure two or more vehicles with us
  • Drive less discount for drivers who typically drive no more than 800 miles a month

The company also offers home insurance, which we encourage you to consider. By purchasing both from Traders, you qualify for a bundled discount.

Are You Ready to Choose Your Insurance Policy?

Remember, Traders offers $20 down payment auto insurance. This means that you can wait a full month before making your first payment, with your deposit from $20.

The company is always available to give you a no-obligation, 100% free online quote. In less than five minutes, you could know just how much you’ll save on the car insurance you need. Of course, if you prefer to talk to an actual person, we have representatives available seven days a week. They are ready to help you look at your insurance options and find the coverage that best meets your needs.